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welcome to

general features
  • powerful, feature rich, unlimited multi domain web & email hosting: enteprise / corporate / buisness / personal
  • only one plan, INDEFINITESPACE UNLIMITED, for AUD$33.00 per year including GST
  • click here to see examples of the control panel
  • 31 days free trial
  • neither credit card details nor payment is required to activate your trial
  • no domain name required for the trial period (temporary web address for previewing your trial web page is provided)
  • to activate your free trial, please [register] your e-mail address (no other information required!)
  • under the single $33.00/year hosting account you can host multiple/unlimited domains, e.g. yourdomain1.com, yourdomain2.com, etc... each domain with its own control panel (free trial includes hosting only for one of your domains names). however, the owner of all domain names registered under the single web hosting account must be one person (or one company), e.g. you. you can not host domains belonging to different owners under the single web hosting account.
  • any existing domain name(s) purchased with other provider(s) can be linked free of charge to the unlimited $33.00/year hosting account
  • new domain name(s) registration is also available with IndefiniteSpace at additinal price, see [domain lookup] link above
  • choose between linux and/or windows hosting evironments (e.g. host yourdomain1.com under the windows platform and yourdomain2.com, yourdomain3.com, etc.. under the linux plaform)
  • dedicated server packages are also available. please [contact] customer support via link above to request more information

linux or windows hosting?
  • we recommend linux unless you need a windows specific technology
  • you can activate as many linux type hosting evironments and/or as many windows type hosting evironments for your domain names as you like under the single $33.00/year hosting account (one type of hosting environment per domain)
  • linux platform supports wider range of applications
  • linux control panel has more features and more packages available (click here to see examples)
  • however, technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, .NET framework and Microsoft Access databases all need a windows environment to run in
  • many of our customers want to have a mix of linux and windows depending on their needs

everything in blue colour in the comparison table below is
included into $33.00/year unlimited web hosting

comparison table
features linux windows
common features
web space unlimited unlimited
traffic unlimited unlimited
bandwidth unlimited unlimited
control panel click here to see example click here to see example
24x7x365 fast support yes yes
host unlimited domains yes yes
technical support site yes yes
dns management yes yes
system status page yes yes
web mail yes yes
traffic report yes yes
disk space report yes yes
renewal reminder system yes yes
generic name servers yes yes
generic secure server yes yes

e-mail features
mail boxes (pop3 & imap) unlimited unlimited
web mail unlimited unlimited
autoresponders unlimited unlimited
mailing lists unlimited unlimited
e-mail forwarders unlimited unlimited
catch all e-mail unlimited unlimited
junk mail filters unlimited unlimited
e-mail summary unlimited unlimited
e-mail filter logs unlimited unlimited
optional virus scanning yes extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out

website statistics
error logs yes no
access/referrer/agent logs yes yes
google sitemaps generator yes yes
webalizer graphical statistics yes yes
awstats graphical statistics yes yes
advanced graphical counters yes yes
advanced text counters yes no
traffic statistics yes yes
tracewatch yes no

access features
master ftp account 1 1
additional ftp logins unlimited unlimited
ssh access yes no

database features
mysql 5 databases unlimited 2 per domain
mysql web interface yes yes
optional ms sql databases no extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out
ms sql web data administrator no yes
maximum allowed size of each database 500 Mb 200 Mb

advanced features
cPanel 2.0 yes yes
sub domains unlimited unlimited
website builder yes no
website builder plus yes yes
microsoft frontpage extensions yes no
online web based file manager yes yes
website redirect yes yes
free submission to 10 search engines yes yes
backup & restore your website yes yes
advanced website password protection yes yes
cron / scheduled tasks yes yes
multiple domain mappings yes yes
ip address blocking yes yes
website directory indexing yes no
optional advanced search engine submission extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out

programming features
php4 yes no
php5 yes yes
php5 with soap support yes no
perl yes yes
python yes no
miva yes no
realaudio yes no
sun one asp (chili!soft asp) yes no
asp no yes
asp.net no yes
asppdf no yes
ruby yes yes
imagemagick yes yes
ghostscript yes yes
zend optimizer yes yes
gd yes yes

e-commerce features
shared secure server access yes yes
optional personalised secure server extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out extra $/domain - [contact] us to find out
oscommerce shopping cart yes no
cubecart shopping cart yes no
agora cart - simple shopping cart yes no
zen cart yes no

free web tools
serif webplus x2 full version yes yes
google adwords yes yes
microsoft adcenter yes no
free software (worth $550) yes yes
huge graphics archive yes yes
50 premium website templates yes yes
400 basic website templates yes yes
100 new professional website templates yes yes
16 flash website templates yes yes
5 web hosting company templates yes yes
50 flash banners yes yes
100+ company logos yes yes
100 banner templates yes yes
22,500 photos yes yes
75,000 web art images yes yes

massive cgi script library
joomla cms 1.5 yes yes
wordpress blog yes yes
custom 404 and 500 error pages yes yes
asp guestbook no yes
asp form to e-mail no yes
asp website search no yes
asp photo gallery no yes
asp blog no yes
wordpress mu yes no
buddypress yes no
drupal content management system yes no
phpbb 2 & 3 online discussion forum yes no
elgg social networking system yes no
cms made simple yes no
guestbook yes no
geeklog blog yes no
nucleus blog yes no
mambo cms yes no
locked area lite password manager yes no
eblah online discussion forum yes no
typo3 content management system yes no
crafty syntax live help yes no
php coin web hosting billing system yes no
openads - advert banner system yes no
dot project - project management system yes no
osticket - ticket system yes no
postcards yes no
form to e-mail with captcha yes no
search engine yes no
free for all links page yes no
banner advertising system yes no
online auction - just like ebay yes no
domain name checker yes no
online photo album yes no
web calendar yes no
web survey yes no
internet countdown yes no
random text displayer yes no
random images displayer yes no
tell-a-friend yes no
web ring yes no
trouble ticket express yes no
classified adverts yes no
java clock yes no
gallery2 yes no
roundcube webmail yes no
mediawiki yes no
sugarcrm yes no

data centre features
3 1000 mb connections to the internet yes yes
gigabit network yes yes
diverse fibre networks yes yes
hosted on dell super servers yes yes
load balanced storage systems yes yes
redundant data backup yes yes
redundant power feeds yes yes
redundant uninterruptible power supplies yes yes
redundant standby generators yes yes
redundant cooling systems yes yes
24 X 7 X 365 onsite manned yes yes
fire suppression yes yes
cctv and smart card access yes yes

javascript generator
break frames yes yes
bookmark us yes yes
set home page link yes yes
logo branding yes yes
frameless popup yes yes
browser entry yes yes
language yes yes
avenue search yes yes
popup page yes yes

our guarantees
30-day money-back guarantee yes yes
customer charter yes yes
price freeze guarantee yes yes
cancel anytime yes yes
24 x 7 x 365 technical support yes yes

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